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LASSO40 provides event technology for meeting and event planners. Our tablet- and website-based software allows for seamless integration with any registration or other event technology.



How it Works


Before an Event

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Upload Attendee List

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Create all events and activities

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Spend less than zero minutes training


Creating your event through LASSO40 takes just a few minutes, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on more pressing matters of your program. Whether it is a multi-day event for 60 people or a launch party of 600, LASSO40's clean and friendly design will provide the tools you need to execute a flawless event. You can upload your attendee list, with any .csv compatible software such as Excel, Google Sheets, and more.



During an Event

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Capture E-Signatures

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Manage attendees

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Sync with other devices on-site


Checking in attendees has never been so easy. Our simple and powerful solution enables logistics staff to use their tablets, in tandem, to rapidly check-in event attendees as well as add new attendees on-site. You'll avoid long lines at the registration desk (which is never a good sign). Even capturing E-Signatures for compliance or legal reasons is incorporated.



After an Event

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Issue reports for regulatory and ROI

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Analyze data for future events

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When the meeting concludes you can simply pull a report from our website that showcases a complete list of attendees, time-stamped check ins, Transfer of Value (TOVs) or per-person cost for each attendee, as well as a downloadable signature list for compliance.

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LASSO40's  subscription-based model makes the software affordable for both small and large meetings. This means you might be able to fit that kissing swans ice sculpture you've always wanted in the budget.