The Wranglers


Lucy Giovando Watts - Founder / CEO

  • Over 18 years of meeting and event experience with both CMP and CMM designations.
  • Previously CEO of successful Bay Area global meetings and event management company Giovando Watts & Company, Inc. as well as Director of Worldwide Events at OpenTV.
  • President of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Northern California Chapter and member of Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC).



Vahid Kowsari - CO-Founder / CTO

  • Over 20 years experience in software and web development.
  • Held various management and engineering positions at IBM, OpenTV, and a number of successful start-ups.
  • Previously Director of Engineering at Palette Software and Director of Engineering and Sr. Embedded Engineer at Cognitive Networks.



Jim Watts - CO-Founder / COO / CFO 

  • Over 20 years experience in the technology and finance industry.
  • Previously COO / CFO for Giovando Watts & Company, Global Risk Manager for BlackRock, and Head of Worldwide Finance for Hewlett Packard software business.
  • Masters from the Fletcher School of International Law, Diplomacy and Commerce at Tufts University.