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You can pay our monthly or yearly rate to enjoy unlimited seamless check in for as many events and attendees as you can muster. The monthly rate is contract-free, which is nice, but if you pay yearly, you get the first two months free. That’s more than a 15% savings.



Per user, per month

Unlimited  number of events

Unlimited number of attendees

No contracts, month-to-month

No hidden fees


Per user, per year

Unlimited  number of events

Unlimited number of attendees

No hidden fees



Got more than 5 users or a 500 person event?

All LASSO40 accounts are safe, secure and password-protected.


Ready to Subscribe?

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The subscription-based model makes LASSO40 software affordable for both small and large meetings, eliminating the need for expensive enterprise software systems with multi-year contracts or various per event/per attendee fees. 


Ready? Set. Go!

Come on board. You will be an automatic contender for meeting and event planner of the year. (You and whoever else subscribes, of course.)

Please send us your comments and suggestions to: hello@LASSO40.com