Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements to use LASSO40?

You’ll need an iPad Air or newer running iOS 10+. Download the application from the Apple App store.

What printers does LASSO40 support?

We support the Brother™ QL-710W and QL-720NW printers. They have Wi-Fi built-in and do not require a computer to print attendee badges.

How secure is LASSO40?

We take security very seriously. We encrypt all communications between your iPad and our servers. We're hosted on Amazon AWS –a proven secure platform. We also have strict policies regarding expiring tokens, rate limiting password attempts, code reviews, logging, and much more.

Which badge sizes do you support?

Our badges look best when printed on 3.9" × 2.4" stock. You can soon find paper refills in the LASSO40 Store.

Can I customize the badge design?

The text printed onto the badges is fully customizable with a few lines of CSS. If you'd like to order custom full-color badges, please contact us and we'll guide you through the process.

What is LASSO40's privacy policy?

You can review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on our website.