Sign & Smile. 

Simply the best onsite

E-Signature & Check In.

Ditch the paper and experience the greatest E-Signature and Check In anywhere.


Some of our very happy customers:

Providing simple, scalable and integrated   E-Signature and Check In at your meetings and events.


Simple - You already know how to use it

An experienced event planner designed our on-site check in tablet and web-based software to be so easy to use, you wouldn't waste a single minute trying to figure it out.


Scalable - Subscribe to Flexibility

Whether you're managing a large corporate event or a small gathering, our subscription service gives you the flexibility to choose any size event, for the same price.


Integrated - Socially not-awkward software

LASSO40 works well with any of our existing technology such as CRMs and .csv compatible software like Excel, Google Sheets, and more. You can also link your device to other team members for real-time event stats and updates.


Better greetings,

better meetings.


Waiting in line for a business meeting? It doesn't get more unfun than that. Why start off a day-long event with a grumpy audience? We believe that a positive greeting has the power to create a positive meeting. We're optimists like that. (But you know it's true.)

LASSO40 enables you to:


Upload your attendee list


Quickly check in your guests


Easily add people onsite


Automate reports after the event


Cover compliance requirements


And so much more..


Be a smooth



Whether you need a quick and easy way to check in attendees at an event, or you need to collect signatures on-site and record the Transfer of Value for HCPs, we've got you covered.

We help check in ops run more smoothly for:


Professional Event Planners


Life Sciences Meeting Planners


Administrative Assistants


Marketing & Sales Professionals